African Leadership 101: Is a book whose time has come. The book delves into the secrets of authentic leadership, integrity, transparency and honesty. The author raises insightful questions that will cause readers to take an honest look at their own leadership potential and how to develop it for the renaissance of a new Africa. The book is very informative and the author has taken us through his journey by clearly outline what he describes as the 7 secrets for the African renaissance. The 7 secrets are: Character is the cornerstone, Feel the fear – yes I can, Get motivated, Unleash your thinking power, Building effective relationships, Get what you need and Leadership in a different environment.
The tendency to set SMART goals is the most important ingredient of success. In this book, Felix presents 5 Easy and Effective principles for setting and achieving goals. The five principles of setting goals will motivate you in changing your lives when put into practice. Having goals helps us to make better choices in friends, schools, careers, relationships and all of life. As you apply each principle you will be getting closer to realizing your dreams. You will also learn to take charge of your life.

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